My Letter to God

What am I doing here? It can't be my time.
Please I don't wanna go, can't you wait a little longer?
I've got so many plans, so much love to give.
You've caught me off guard, never had a moment to fight.
This isn't fair!
I promise.
I promise God I won't sin, I won't complain.
Just let me go, for a little while.
I just need some time, please let me go.
Why can't I go back.
I want to go back, they need me.
I'm so scared.
Please just wait, can't you just think about it?
It can't be my time, maybe I don't wanna go just yet.
I wasn't ready, I'm not ready.
This hurts so much.
I'm only young,
Please spare me just this once.
I swear, I'll live everyday to the fullest and show love.

I don't wanna go.
God, please hear me out.
Let me go, I'm not done.

Please, I don't wanna go...

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