My life

It was just a day
A warm , bright day
The Sun smiled glazing at Earth
It was a beginning of my distinct path
A path no foot treads upon
A path with pain even thorn

I walked this path hopeful
hoping to find a precious tool
A tool to climb hills of vision
A tool to erase lines of division
I was treading and stepping
upon stairs dreaming and hoping

Hoping to be splendid light
A light conquering despair and fright
I fell numerous times yet stood many
kept searching although days were rainy
I invested a lot to build Msizi
It was tough not easy

Along the path came friends
I define as water in arid lands
Together we marched along the journey
I stunned and impressed many
with my inexhaustible tenacity
won hearts with my insaitable curiosity

I recall being shot down
By bullets of ruthless haters
I recall being set to drown
by deceptive practices of betrayers
I fell countless times , I endured tough days
But got up ,got back to winning ways

Each time I'd rise and strive
I treasured moments spent alive
I even got to know love
cause I got to walk my path
I got to attempt illuminating Earth
with my pure healing light
defying darkness of the night

I gave all I had , all I held
For Earth to be not a veld
I left warmth for the cold
I questioned myths I was told
Just to reach my potential
then my life turned exceptional.

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This Poems Story

It\'s a poem filled with rhythm.I went hard on this one. The message behind this poem is that in life you\'ll fall , many will question your way of living but what matters is fulfilling purpose behind your life.