I live my life to kiss the sky; by own imagination my spirit flies

My ideas are measured by my own standards, no doubt

And not by what someone else deems as merit or clout

I will never follow a path that has been generically designed

By the thoughts and expectations of someone else’s mind

The gifts that God gave me were specifically for me to cultivate

To use, to respect, to share and appreciate

Through the choices that I have made have come the lessons I have learned

Through the good and the bad, my wisdom I have earned

And not from a book or a college professor but from living life itself

With its unrelenting pressure

Oh, the mistakes some say that I have made,

The chances I have taken and the risky games I have played

Their opinions are just that, personal judgments at best

But my life is mine, not society’s quest

There were times that I thought that I should conform

But I would have done myself unspeakable harm

To live another’s dream is an unforgivable lie

Without question, had I done that my spirit would have died

I embrace my life as a gift I was given

A journey to travel and hope I believe in

From the decisions I have made and the circles I have traveled

Comes a quilt of knowledge and strength that cannot be unraveled

With me I take the good and the trophies that come with it

The bad I set aside, but not too far so I won’t forget it

I realize that forgetting the past both good and bad

Is like destroying the wisdom that I am blessed to have

One thing I am sure that I will leave behind

Is the certitude that my life was mine!

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