My Life

Day after day my mind grows
On my best it's fast on others it slows
These days secrets are taking there tolls
Not days but nights are when it surely shows
This room is full but me I'm by myself
Like a book that got thrown on the wrong shelf
You would feel bad for the poor kid in my biography
Couldn't paint this picture, black and white photography

My life has been something you only see in movies
Grew up on a dirt road way out in the boonies
Young boy fulfilling these grown man duties
Front door knocked down by the cops with uzis
Got out of that life just at the right time
Young man now focused on making that climb
Trying to escape out of that town like a trapped mime
I'm gonna fly with the angels like I'm from Anaheim
Right now my safe zone is staying on this campus
I ain't into praying like my last name Mantis
Small fish trying not to get swallowed like Atlantis
That's my life I'll be back when I complete this canvas

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