My Life

Another day another dollar from that 9 to 5
Yeah, you living but ask yourself are you really alive
See my mother working hard everyday with no vacation
Just to keep our family just above the water
Been, depressed, pessimistic,tried killing myself at one point
Born in a middle class were parents with anger would clash
Been dark times only 17 but things I've seen would blow your mind
School is getting harder due to my life at home
Always trying to show up in school
No father figure, my mother tries her best to be both
But let's be honest a father really helps with your growth
But I've been getting raised by Motivational speakers and
Kendrick And J cole Logic and eminem
All of them setting examples through their lyrics and speeches
Listening close so I could hear it, about life and not to fear it
How to grab the wheel and steer it, and
So I'm trying to do just that
Here's a word of advice follow your dreams and never look back
I said follow your dreams and never look back
You know why?, because life's too precious to waste

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