My life

This My Life. This my life ...I get it how i live, Im bout that life…..Im doing it hella big ,This is thug life…..It is what it is…..But comes with a price…. it could get a nigga killed. Chorus I'm a blockhead banga, Neighborhood dope slanger, known as a killa, They call me the lone ranger, Never leave home without, my chrome banga, “This my life”, (I'll will never), be in danger, Take my advice, your life will be in danger, Empty every clip until, (smoke)!, roll out the chamber, I was born, in this life, conceived, pure out of anger, So i'm bout my business, (and pissed)!, because I came here, So i gotta get it, (cause love)!, don't come from strangers, It is what it is, my vision ,can’t go down here, so i'm on a mission, (to get ),the hell from round here!, Money motivated, because money, it what holds ground here, (Written By Rickie Brown 05/15/2016 sample for the song.(This My Life).

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