My life

There’s pain in me,
But I got to stay strong,
God save my soul,
My hearts pumps hate,
Hate from the pain,
That lays in the grave,
That haunts me everyday,
The battles that I’ve been fighting,
The long nights that I’ve been crying,
Wanting to find help,
But I simply can’t find it,
Because the tears I shed are drying,
The afterglow is dying,
My love is fleeing,
The hate is rising,
I’m done crying,
I want to live life,
I want to be alive,
But I can’t stand the light,
It’s blinding my sight,
Tunnel vision wearing off,
I see no left,
I see right,
To a life with no worth,
Just a cage with locks,
No smith to provide the key,
No entry,
Just exits,
I’m stuck,
I just want to leave,
I scream,
It echoes,
But no reply,
No hope to see,
No help to seek,
My presence has now became absent,
I just want to be present,
But I can’t if the gift ain’t in me,
No bow,
Just ties to my heart,
No full suit,
No cheers,
Just all boos,
No ceilings,
All roofs,
Story of my life,
I want to beat the odds,
And be even,
I want to stand tall,
And feel the earth,
I’m gonna get there though,
Because I’m me,
A king who is yet to see his worth

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