My Life

I am from keyboards,
from keycaps and switches.
I am from the warm couches
that rest in my livingroom.
I am from the glass tray
that is filled with several ingredients
and continues to stay close,
from Victor and Maria.
I am from the making of the strawberry jello
and the constant travel,
from taking what I like and leaving what I don't
and doing my best.
I am from the confirmation that exists within.
I'm from Visalia and mexico, tacos, and hamburgers.
From the stories told about the boogie man,
the adventures of Lake Tahoe,
and the worry of college.
I am from the woods, beach,
and everything mother nature has made.
I am from those memories.
I am the sour cream in the platter.
The pictures around my house,
neatly organized represents my family.

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