My Life Growing Up

Two gentle hands that raised me so,
through cold winter winds and harsh winter snow.
From princesses and big royal dresses,
to building forts and making big messes.
From a sister who surprised me at two,
from then on I knew she'd steal my Blue.
We played in our secret garden,
our messiness they'd have to pardon.
To surprising Daddy at work and holding his hand,
"One more piggy back ride!" I would demand.
From helping Mommy with dishes,
and stargazing together making goofy wishes.
Playing games and getting many silly tickles,
everything would lead to lots of laughter and giggles.

Adopting from China and getting a baby brother,
it was truly an experience like no other.
Traveling to Germany, Italy, Fance, and Spain,
all these experiences would give me many things to gain.
My life thus far
has gone up and over my expectation bar.
My life, my family, the friends I love,
are all truly gifts from God above.

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