My Life in an Hour Glass

I flip the hour glass with my trembling hand,
Looking closely at the fine, delicate sand.
I watch bit cave in , slow as can be ,
And begin to second guess what I can see.
"My life is an hour glass ", I think with no doubt.
At any given moment my time can run out .
When a small child is born, it is like the first flip.
A new life has started , their time is at risk.
The grains are like seconds , every single one counts.
I watch as the miniature rocks form a mount.
Minutes, hours, days, they pass by.
Live your life to the fullest ,cause time really flies.
But you have to remember , always be kind.
Life is unpredictable,you never know what you'll find.
Treat all with respect , do not tell a lie.
You want people to remember good things when you die.
I look back at the hour glass after a mater of years ,
And suddenly my eyes are filling with tears .
The sand is at the bottom , it has come to an end.
I suppose it is time to say goodbye to my friends.
"But there is no time left " I say with a shut.
In the blink of an eye , my time has run out.

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