My Little Boy

There was never a greater joy
Than the day God gave me my little boy
Seeing your face for the first time
Knowing in my heart you were all mine
Through your younger years, there were sure a lot of fears
Watching you walk, listening to you when you learned how to talk
Making your sisters cry,I could only laugh and ask why
Playing in the sand with all of your toys
Watching you play football with all the other boys
Watching you with all the girls
Watching you flirt, there for you when you hurt
You were always there for me
Without you I would not be
Now you have grown into a sweet young man
Telling me all about your life plan
You have signed the papers
Now you must leave
You say you're going to fight
You say what you're doing you know it's right
You say if you want to remain free, it's because of people like me
You say mom be strong, I won't be gone that long
So when carrying your gun,I know you are thinking this isn't much fun
Know in your heart you are not alone
For look up above and see

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