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My little brother Chris

I am not ungrateful.
I'm just stating the truth.
He's despicable and annoying.
A pain everywhere.
Every time he's around I feel despair.
The little snob.
The little Twitt.
My little brother Chris.

He hates me so much.
I can tell by the way he looks at me.
But surely I hate him too.
For he makes me so angry.
That smirk of his never rests.
He wears it to his bed.
My little brother Chris.

He stinks.
No matter what he thinks.
Needs to turn on the shower.
On the highest power.
Nothing can help him now.
He bathes in his own stench.
What a disgusting creature he is.
My little brother Chris.

But know he's gone.
And I can't move on.
He always made me laugh even when I was sad.
When I was broken and alone.
He would always help me home.
Now I see what he meant to me.
My little brother Chris.

People everywhere learn from me.
Let me help you see.
What family means to me.
And should mean to you.
Don't take them for granted like I did.
I should have loved him more my little brother Chris.

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    I feel like we all don\'t know what we have until it\'s gone that\'s why we have to cherish the time that we do have or we will live to regret it. NO ONE! knows you like your family does.