My Little Girl

By Chichi   

From your precious feet,
To your little toes.
From your gorgeous eyes,
To your button nose.
From your pouty lips,
To your rosy cheeks.
From your great big smile,
To your perfection beneathe.
You will always be my little girl.

From your cute little laughter,
To your cozy smile.
From the tears you shed,
They will last only a little while.
From your pretty little fingers,
To the length of your arms.
I will love you this big, My little girl.

From the mountains of kisses,
To the hugs that you share.
From the warmth that you give me,
Lets me know that you care.
From the top of your head,
To the heels on your feet.
I will cherish your love, my little girl.

From the mile stones you'll face,
To the young lady you'll become.
From the child i raised,
This moment is fun.
From the time you were born,
To the time it will be.
I love you so much, stay little... My little girl.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about my 1 yr old little girl. Who i know will grow up some day and not be so little no more. It is just to say i want my little girl to always be my little girl.