My Little Girl

I grabbed her hand, and held it tight
Praying and praying that tonight wouldn't be our last night
Tears rolled down my cheeks, I turned my head so she wouldn't see
I guess for every wrong doing you must pay a fee
She lay in her bed and she lifted her fail little eyes
I wiped away my tears, so she wouldn't see my heart's cries
Her face was so angelic, so pale and so calm
I reach down and grab her soft little palm
"Mommy, am I gonna die?
Because if I am, I just wanna say goodbye"
I didn't know what to say
I just got into her bed, and down next to her I lay
Five years before on a night like tonight
I had carried her for nine months, full of spite
I had prayed that she would die
But now she's my little blessing, and I don't want to say goodbye
"Don't worry about that now, just know Mommy loves you"
With her last breath, she looks up and says, "I love you, too"
The sobs that I could no longer hold back broke free
Her face I could not bring myself to see
Her father had left when he found out about this little wonder
He said it was all my fault, that she was my little blunder
He left with hatred, and to my heart he gave a hard shove
But my little girl left me with open arms and a heart full of love
And now I stand, the one glimpse of love I found in this world
That at first to me was a mistake, that sent my life into a swirl
Is gone and has left me as broken as ever
And in this life, I will not see her again, no, never
But someday up in Heaven, I'll see her smiling face
Filled with the love of the Father and all His relentless grace

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