My Little Man Curly

My handsome little man, big brown eyes how they shine

Curly brown hair, and a love for animals just like mine

But I can see something much more deep inside of your heart

A strong burning fire, a large life waiting to start

I can see big dreams stirring inside of that Pisces mind of yours

In front of your intelligence, so many green fields and wide open doors

I will never find any love more real or true

And I will love you forever and do anything for you

I'm your mother for eternity and that nobody can undo

Before we even met God had picked me for you

The very first day I set my eyes upon you

It was just like Dominic, too good to be true

How did I make something so beautiful and perfect as you?

How will I care for you in the deepest way?

The hard part is letting my true feelings show all the way through

I can be everything else in life so easy and everything is eventually shown in truth

But being a good mother is the hardest battle I have ever came through

To rise above myself to care for another, and two boys later here came another

And now making the choice to continue my journey with three boys as a single mother

I know that God has a plan for all of our lives

I need to stay strong, push and shove, persevere, never give up and don't cry

When you make the choice to be a good mother half of the bad inside of you dies

Now you have a reason for life, a reason to live, a reason to try

God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers they say

Most people put in my shoes wouldn't last one day

But this poem isn't about me it's about my second baby boy

Alejandro Lopez Barajas Jr.

Mommy's second of three pride and joys

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