My Little Pets

At night I lay awake,
Watching my demons their place,
They play on my walls,
Watching me as I slowly fall,
Ah yes my secret pets,
My demons,
My insecurities,
My regrets,
They awaken in the dark night
In the depths of my mind
The monsters aren't under my bed
They sleep in my head
No one know of my little pets
Not even my closest friends,
I fight them each night
Until the sun takes its rise
In the end i'll pull through
If not for me
Than i'll do it for you

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This Poems Story

I would like to start this statement by saying thank you to my parents for encouraging me to enter my poems in some contests. This is my first poem that will be published. I am twelve years old and currently in seventh grade. I am an avid competitive swimmer and reader. I was inspired to write this poem simply because I had to write one for my English class.