My Lonely Cavern

Hard rock edges, jagged walls
A steep ascent, a lonely haul
Alone in a cavern, wasting away
Stuck in myself, stuck day after day

I only see the thing I place in front of me
The mirror that speaks back to me and tells me what to see
I cannot see beyond that wall to see what is inside
The lonely cav'rn a wall of mirrors; I curl up and I hide

All the mirrors beat me down
I've nothing left; on the ground
I have some days where hope's light shines in
I claw myself up to where I begin

The light reflects the mirrors' image back into my eyes
The image that I'm shown in seared into my mind
My fingers sweat and start to slip; I fall back down again
Fall back down the lonely cliff, no purchase left to gain

Hiding once again from the world I do not know
Walls go up, masks go on - nothing left to show
Imprisoned in my cavern, where I am all alone
Walls of mirrors beat me down with images of stone

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