My Long Walk to Greatness

Trajectory of thought is falling into benediction
As fear of failure faces persecution.
Oscillations of hope igniting this hot terrain to greatness,
With endless anticipation for perfection
And a salty heart to submission
Where hard work and persistence break the barrier of limitations.
The calling of destiny is getting more vivid
As I open my ears because vision alone remains inviscid
To keep every word of wisdom lucid.
Driven by the day I will pay my late father a visit
Though fate drew a line we call distance
With the speed of reality and amplitude of existence,
But I see light glowing like current with no resistance,
Where blessings are falling with a vivid occurrence.
I keep moving,for my dying wishes to levitate,
To sweat for that little seed inside my focus to germinate
So that it may blossom for my ambitions to terminate
The past performance I aspire to overtake.
My path gets narrower as I see people stumble
Because of dreaming without a vision in the shadow
Until their inner voice starts to mumble
And wonder off from the path to a jungle
Where vultures of misery and failure mingle.

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