My Lord, My Almighty God, My Father

By Anya73   

My Lord, My Almighty God, My Father,
I want to thank you for being there for me,
For never leaving my side,
For making me feel your presence in my life.
I was down for a long time,
I don’t know what to do with my life,
But YOU came to me,
At the right moment, I was waiting.

You speak to me to the depths of my soul.
Call it hallucination but you spoke,
Deep down I heard you clearly,
It’s something very extraordinary.
I guess that ‘s how you speak to people,
How you communicate with people,
Now I hear YOU.

After that day everything changed for me,
My outlook on life is very clear now,
I know what my purpose is in this world,
It is to better myself and let people know
How I got over the struggles I have in life.
My learning curve is to surrender everything to YOU wholeheartedly
To really understand your ways,
Trials are part of life, temporary sufferings in this world.

One shouldn't give up on searching for answers,
For in those answers you will find HIM.
He who gives us all the love, strength and courage to live life to the fullest!
He who directs you in your destiny,
A destiny of life with HIM.
Fear is part of doubting HIS ways,
It loses your focus on finding HIM and finding your own purpose.
The key is to find HIM.

My realization in life that I am not perfect
Is what opened my doors to HIM,
My Lord, My Almighty God, My Father,
Only He who’s perfect in this universe.
I tried to be like HIM, near PERFECT in ways, but I am human.
He gave me the mind to choose every decision I make,
Hard as it is I thought I was lost all along, but I am not,
In fact, I am drawn to HIM ….MY LORD, MY GOD, MY FATHER!

If you recognize HIM in your life,
Nothing is impossible, everything is possible,
Now I see HIM clearly,
The way I want to see HIM in my LIFE,
Thank you for showing me the way towards YOU.
For opening all the doors for me,
To trust in you that everything will get better in time.

“Patience is a virtue” is what they say,
It is with learning to wait patiently that one receives your GLORY.
I got me my GLORY, just being with YOU,
Making known your presence in my LIFE!
I felt your LOVE, how you truly love me,
YOU inside me, YOU never have forsaken me,
YOU answered my call…
My time is NOW, I got you in MY LIFE,
Now no one can break me.


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Finding My Lord, My Almighty God, My Father is the answer I was looking for in my life...God is he that completes us...True religion is in any of the people who believe he exists and that you acknowledge the fact that He is our Almighty God and Father!