My Lost Son

When you love your son with all your heart
You wonder where and how you drifted apart
My son has lost all respect for his only mother
For a girl that may only last till her next lover
He's broken my heart and shattered it like glass!
For an ugly girl who's only giving him a**
Girls may come and go all your life
Until that special day you meet your wife
But only I have been with you through thick and thin
The LIES and hurt your putting me through has got to be a sin
I look at you and still see my baby boy
I stare at pictures of you playing with your toys
How can you look me in the eyes and lie and see me cry?
What if I don't wake up one day and I have died?
Will it even bother you?
Will you even cry?
I don't feel like you love me anymore
You've treated me bad for a dirty whore!
I hope she's worth how your hurting me!
One day I won't be here
Then I hope you'll see
That I have died from a broken heart you've given me.

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