My Love

When we first met, I was floored by your magnificent manners and charismatic charm.
My heart flicked and fluttered, my palms sappy and sweated, and face flushed and warm.

I did tell you quickly quiet down while the prominent pastor belted out his sermon and song.
You broke through my brutish barriers that I held onto for so long.

We've both been through the chill of ice and heated deserts of time.
But still we hold steadfastly strong...I am are mine.

God gregariously, beautifully blessed us by having us meet.
What an awesome and amazing feat!

I am forever totally thankful for that day and this.
I am so lucky and in laughter and love with you...never knew there could be so much bounty and bliss.

I know I haven't been prim and perfect, but I know I lusciously love you so.
I love you so much my loving love, I hope all hope…I know you know.

You are so ingeniously intelligent, thoughtful, giving, and kind.
You seriously send me to another playful plane…a marvelous and merry state of mind.

I think the world of you...if you ever go... I will miserably miss.
I say this to you my love, love, my love...I will seal this with a caressing kiss.

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