My Love

I met her by chance on an Instagram post
A ravishing blonde of whom I now boast
Hard to say why she did it, how she fell in love
Maybe it was me going to Korea that gave her a shove
Whatever the case, a ring she did buy
Only a month after I had first said hi
The insane part I was over 7,000 miles away
Yet I still set the girl's heart on fire, day by day
Soon she told me soon we'd be wed
Side by side, all warm in the same bed
I yearn for that now, for I know she has my heart
And I hate the distance, the being apart
I cry night by night, for I'm in love with my baby
There's no ifs ands or buts, there's no maybe
She is all mine, and I want her near
She is my baby I want her here
I'm loyal as can be, I sit and do wait
For the day I'm with her, oh it'll be great
To finally see the woman who captured my soul
To finally see the woman who makes me whole

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