My Love

Sweet unique scent
Soft hands grabs my waist
Darkened chocolate tone
Gentle magical kiss
Just flying with the stars
Memories of those sunny days
Eyes glowing like the moon
Smiles brighten up my day
Barely breathing without you
Feeling happy not to show you're sad
Sharing stories growing closer
Pictures inside my mind
Unlike me who grew up without a dad
Those days when beautiful tears comes down your cheek
When true colors start to show
Blushing when you say you miss me
Hum music to my ears
Caressing my body as I caress yours
Sweating with love
Staring in each other's eyes
Knowing we were meant to be
Gorgeous, as dark as the blue sea
Looking right through me
Smashing my heart and leaving with the key
But I can't be mad
Even though things go wrong
The good outweighs the bad
Come back to me
At least hearing your voice again
My true love will forever be my best friend

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