My Love

Another soul attached into me,
Think identical yet are two antagonistic human beings,
Fate united us two, Desperate for the feeling to reappear,

She punctures my brain,Infuriating pain can nevermore be surrendered
Beautiful red rose in meadow of snow,
Why is she the one that can heal me,

Minds combined into one rebelluios renegade,
Vivid imagery the instant ways are parted,
Memories endlessly encased,
Craving for that day,

Ripped away from me I wept ferociously,
Fragment of my existence now exposed to vulnerability,
You brought out the life in me,Perceiving me for who I really am,

Never replaceable its impossible,Are we soul mates perhaps,
I gazed into deep brown eyes and saw frustration,
Two years later I see inspiration,

My drug I'm too addicted,Your hugs established as rehab,
Decaying every hour, minute, second,
Never knew this much compassion and graciousness could conclude,

As the bus drove away my life flashed and i saw you,
Take me to hell I will follow you,
Chain and choke me to death I will still believe in you,
Last breath my quivering mouth whispers I love you.

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