My Love

Like a feather floats upon the wind,
You found my heart and fluttered in,
This mind retains the feeling felt,
That moment I beside you knelt,
You were no doubt from heaven sent,
To gently cure my discontent,
We did not plan or seek thee out,
But once revealed there was but little doubt,
That should we dare not follow through,
Our hearts be lost and left askew,
For what was clear and plain to see,
I was for you and you for me,
So take the leap of faith we leapt,
In darkness we first crawled and crept,
As gradually the path illume,
We found our way from room to room,
Where once was fear now we found trust,
And burning love that scorched the dust,
Setting these two hearts on fire,
True consequence of pure desire,
I still recall you said them first
Those words like bombs around me burst
And tore right through the walls I built,
Once strong and tall now sand and silt,
The past be gone swept out to sea,
Left in its wake just you and me,
Our season came full bosom bloom,
You were my bride and I your groom,
Your lips touched mine and with a spark,
Set off this fire and lit up the dark,
Eternal flight of mind be gone,
Set loose in dream to sing the song,
We write upon the path we dance,
And never fret to take a chance,
Of beauty whole and never half,
I know that we shall always laugh,
And walk through life forever bound,
A partnership of freedom found,
Within the soul of each we seek,
To save us from ourselves so weak,
The strength to love is not a chore,
It has become our evermore,
This evermore is what we sought,
That day we met for love it brought,
I promise thee my truth and sorrow,
I'll always be your endless 'morrow,
To ride beside you til the end,
You are my life, my love, my friend

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