My Love…

Love and desire consumes me,
my an gel is my prophet.
It is he who has the key,
he removes the nails from my coffin.

He is genuine and pure,
lips sweet like agave nectar.
I am the disease and he is the cure,
he is my reasoning and my power.

O dio mio thank you for il mio an gelo,
he is everything I need and want and desire.
He's my broken an gel that lost his halo,
his heart burns with gold and fire.

His wings are silver and impearled,
they wrap around me to keep me from darkness.
This an gel I deeply love is my world,
the words of others remain worthless.

So I'll bleed my blood and let him have what's left,
he's my superhero and my only reason for breathing.
I'm scared and confused but I'm not wasting my breath,
as they always say,"Seeing is believing.."

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