My Love

The purple snowcapped mountains
Rise above the Earth like kings
And the Earth with its fairy fountains
Whisper to the trees about enchanting things

As the swans swoon in their mystical pools
And the flowers dance upon the riverside
We will run with the wind together
Laughing freely and never having to hide

Your eyes are the color of the water reflecting starlight
Forever tantalizing my ethereal heart
You are the flickering flame of an ever present taper at night
My only guiding light from the start

The silver curtain of the rain dips over the emerald wood
Caressing it like the way you caress me
And by the lightening light we understood
The raw power of the galaxy

Rose petals drift upon the water's bank
Their pink edges curled with age
And we grew old and wrinkled, our bodies sank
We knew we were like the rose, or perhaps a bird with no cage

We flew free on wings made of dreams
The shining moon sang to us from above
We will hold hands and melt into the Earth's seams
Because it would be an honor to die here with you, my love

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