My Love

I took that leap of faith and left myself behind.

Now I am free falling with an open mind.
Will you be there to catch me when all else fails?
Will our love prevail?
On this roller coaster ride that is about to fall off its rails.
When twilight comes I am sleep walking on these clouds of air.
As I feel the warmth of how our hearts flare.
As I watch the sunrise and chase each sunset.
I feel as if my entire life has just reset.

Now my arms are open wide because you allowed me to spread my wings and fly.
You dried my tears and opened my secret vault.
That hid the dust, the foibles of my own faults.
I showed you how I was never perfected.
You showed me how the pieces of our hearts were connected.
As I fall with no directions your love surrounds me with all of your affections.
Right now I am free falling and I am sleep walking.
Trying to find my way back to you.

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