My Love, Call to Me

You are my love, why have you not called unto me,
Where have you gone my love? when I called to thee,
You did not answer me,
Where have you gone daughter? he says to me
I am here, my love, and cannot join thee,
These people need me, my love, I will stay,
They do not realize, my love, how much I love thee,
It is ok, I say, send angels to watch over me,
When I call to you my love and I will see thee,
I am coming my love, Jesus calls me,
Why are you not here? he smiles at me,
I see you, my love, but these people need me,
Send the angels, I say, they will protect me,
Send me again the angel replies,I will stay with thee,
Until you call me, my love, he will comfort me,
He sends me, my love, an angel speaks to me,
Where has he gone, and why does my love not speak to me?
He is there, my love, as he points to the heavens,
He tells me to tell thee,
Rejoicing he comforts me as death approaches me,
Where are you my love? he looks from heaven to tell me,
I stand there alone and reply, you did not want me,
I am here ,my love, and all the angels surround me,
Now you can rest ,my love,
For all eternity.

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