My love for Jesus Christ

To see the love he has for me
to feel my cross being lifted so I can lead
Jesus shed his blood so I can live again
I was walking with doubt and full of sin
Praise God the almighty the king of peace

For the love of Jesus Christ, I shall have no fear
walking in darkness is no longer a thing
I walk with Jesus, my father the king of all kings
his eyes full of love for my brothers and my sisters that are in need
Please, Lord, help us praise you in your mighty name as we take a knee
hear our voices, Jesus, hear our voices Lord, please hear us as we pray

My fears in my soul having this heart filled with doubt
in the darkness, I was walking trying to find a way out
shouting from my heart to my Lord “Help me, please
lift this cross that bears down on me
praise to my Lord my father from above
thank you, Lord, for your hugs and all of your love
My God the father, my God the son, my God the holy spirit three in one
God of all glory, Praise to our Jesus the prince of peace

To live by Gods laws, to obey what he says I live for him only
no longer in darkness or sorrow, he fills my cup for what I need
to spread the love, to spread Gods message, to help spread the seed
I want to walk with Jesus the one who gave me life
I walk no longer in sin no more of that gamboling on the devil's dice
God of all glory, God of all peace I live for Jesus Christ he is the savior that I seek
one who speaks to my heart
one who knows me without a doubt
Jesus takes my sins and all I have
help me to be a better person
help me take that stand

I give you my heart and give you my soul
Jesus is the one who makes me whole
soon my soul will be baptized
I belong to Jesus Christ
because of him I now have my Christian sight

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