My Love for My Crushes

Love makes me want to go crazy
And kiss one of my crushes.
Love makes me feel like today is the last day of my life,
And I have to tell all of my crushes that I like them.
Love also makes me love my crushes no matter who they are.
Love makes my heart bound,
My forehead sweat, my hair wet, my eyes weep, my mouth laugh.
Love makes my throat run dry.
My legs, my arms, and my hands all move fast as light.
I admire the sweetness of one of my crushes' laughter.
Their delicious eyes and their yummy tongue.
I admire how soft their skin looks.
the deliciousness of every word they said.
How warm their clothes look and how perfect their hair is.
The love I feel for my crushes is sickening.
Trembling, heart bound like crazy
like I am going to have a heart attack.
My body feels like it's on fire.
I am mute as the grass, I am blind as a baby bird,
And I am deaf when I see one of my crushes.
When I see one of my crushes,
I feel like I could die from love.
Love makes me feel like anything is impossible
With the power of love.

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