My love for you

I had numerous questions to ask you that day.
Numerous thoughts were cruising my brain.
Thinking of the words to come to you and say.
I love you my father but now it's too late.
Too late to tell you everything that i felt,
Too late too hug you, and never break out.
I live so angry for this huge and sad loss,
knowing i wont have you alive to love.
I find myself in a really deep hole,
looking for ways to get away from what's torn.
To have good thoughts and not commit a mistake,
that later on i will certainly regret.
My love for you forever will be the same.
Alive or in spirit, a father you will remain.
To protect us from evil that spreads through the bay.
My love for you will always remain,
like in the beginning when you decided to raise me.
We might not be technically blood,
but that doesn't define where there's true love.
A father is who raises and loves each and every day,
not one who procreates and leaves the same day.
You proved that too me and all of your kids,
A father like you will never exist.
Can't wait to have a reunion in heaven,
too hug you and tell you, how much you were missed.

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