My love hate relationship

My love hate relationship

When i was in elementary i wouldnt pick you up

When i was in junior high i wouldnt put you down

In highschool i did more or less of both depending on what was being asked of me

And now we have an love hate relationship lifes complicated like that

The first time we truly ever spoke you told me wild storys of Pompeii of children running the streets and i was hooked as your words swirled around my inter most thoughts and followed me into my dreams

For years i followed the stories that u told of these children and there adventures as your words filled my head with vibrant colors and detailed photos until these tales could no longer bring me joy i had out grown these simple melodies

I stepped into a world of unicorns faries and fables i enjoyed it here i followed as the heros lead me through magical adventures and huge wars of magical and human kind alike but unfortunately this to came to an end and

This is when
u presented me with the enchanting past

We stepped into history following men and women as the sailed to the americas the land of the free watching afar as the germans took over the jews and as the indians surcome to there dimise

And we explored the classics oliver twist moby dick we followed the adventures of huckleberry finn and tom sawyer this excited me and i learned many things from these fables you wove

But in high school i was never allow to choose the tales that you told and this is where the hate comes in i no longer pick you up you no longer bring me joy but i still love the stories you have already told as we sat for hours i turned your pages never seaming to be able to put the book down till the end was unraveled

And this is why i have a love hate relationship with books because the stories always come to an end as life contiues to strech on

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