My Love is Blind

Stars compare not, to your radiance and hue,
thy face shines, glowing the perfect smile,

lost in your beauty this much is true,
in your presence I feel like a child

Mesmerized, in a surreal and strange trance,
thinking of you constantly, you fill my mind,
longing to see you, if just a fleeting glance,
when you're near I lose all track of time

Breathless, my stomach butterflies conjure,
your atmosphere stirs my soul,
indescribable, the way my-
imagination ponders,
being with you, being made whole

A dream is how I know it would be, 

I would stare at you, with longing on my face
you and me holding each other-
alone, in our secret place

She would love me if only she knew,
we are meant for each other,
Alas I don’t think my dream will-
come true,
for the beauty I love-
cannot see how I love her.

For my love is blind

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