My Love is Poison

My Love Is Poison

I have been poisoned by love and it was not by chance. I have succumb to it's vile chemical romance.

He loves me; I am happy. He loves me not; I am in deep deep a void where nothing, but absolutely nothing is there.

A swirling maze of blackness, smelling like brimstone, exactness, sulfuric and sharp.
There are no Michaelangelo's harps here. Nothing but fear,
Making the shadows on the back walls of my eyes burn...and I cry....the acrid tears run down my face...over my lips...Love has me in it's death grip. I cant get away from it. No matter how hard I try to handle this, sanity has passed me by.

Now there is the scent of carnations wilting because they stay on the casket to long. Somewhere thru the blackness I hear the notes of a song...- a dirge with trumpets tooting out the mournful melody, there the black is the gauze on the horses pulling the casket.

It is a slow song, with familiar notes that emphasize the grief.
Is this supposed to provide relief?

In the blackness I am lost in, I am metamorphing into the devil's minion - a member now of his gangs 'hood and opinion. This can't be good - come now upon this arena of blood. Blood in...Blood out. How did all this come about?

I see white fangs like nightlights...gleaming...leaving trails of gloom that will evaporate nigh or soon, like the trails of vapor from airplanes in the sky.

The vampires have no need to be rude, there is plenty of blood here in this blackness...however it is draining, drying, and cracking upon the floor, where I deplore my thirst.
I don't do blood...I should, but I don't....or won't.

My love is a poison. I can feel the needle stick my arm. Soon comes the fire burning in my veins...I feel it go to my brain...and to my heart that can not beat without you. I am insane for you. I can't sleep, I can barely eat. Love, it is an acid...corroding my body...staining my soul. The pain consoling my need. For I bleed drops of Love...where the needle went in. I know I will need another hit again. It is only a matter of time.
Love like this should be a crime.

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All my life i have been unsuccessful at love.? This poem is me dealing with me as to the cause of My failings