My love, my own.

You appeared like the angel of my dreams.
Sometimes the site of you is unbearable it seems.
You are the earth beneath my feet, keeping me graceful
and when needed discreet.
You are my strength, showing me emotions can reach no
You are my very breathe, keeping me going with every
You are my light, giving me guidance and sight.
Without you the fight in me would no longer exist,
for the chains you helped loosen I would no longer
Your beauty could never be captured, but when your gone
the memory of you will live in me after.
Your eyes entrap me, from you I could never flee.
You drew me in like a spell, and in that moment there
went my will.
Your voice enlightens my heart, I may have not known
it but we were destined from the start.
While your in my arms I want there to be no worries,
I will guard you my everything in a flurry.
Your kiss makes my heart sing, your touch brings me
to my knees.
For you my soul, I would do anything to keep hold.
For you are MY LOVE, MY OWN.

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