My Lying Eyes

The world is empty and vacant when I arouse
The wall on the other side of the room is farther away than a dream
My fogged upped eyes, keep the world hidden
They like to make everything fuzzy
The more you try to focus the less you grasp
It a scary feeling, as you fumble down the hall
Lights like to make a glow at my entrance
The world is blurry and colors merge and swell
Your bravery disappears as well
Every step in a new conquest and experience
It like being in the middle of a never ending snowstorm
With howling winds and gusting gales
Sweeping you off your feet into the unknown
At least there's no bite of the cold
It's better than darkness, much better than darkness
Which cloaks the world and causes your imagination to run
No moon to illuminate you through a twisted path
Darkness makes doors appear out of thin air
An empty space becomes a house full of rooms
No more red, green, or blue just a nothingness
I fear the day all go blind
As much as I fear the day all die

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