My Magical World

I built a magical world inside my mind,
where no one can enter but the world is mine.
There's dungeons and dragons and no one feels pain,
and magical fairies dance in the rain.
There's darkness and angels who carry the dead,
it's all in this magical place in my head.
Porcelain dolls, they come to life,
they tell you their secrets and hand you a knife.
The walls come alive and give you a push,
and everything's dark and turns to mush.
Dripping with black and red rivers flow,
swirling in circles, you fall below.
A place where there's no need to fear pills,
cuz they only cure sadness not give you free-will.
Lights float around you can catch in your hand,
there's no need for clocks cuz nothing is planned.
It's all harmless you see? Cuz it's only me,
I can't harm myself unless I go free.
But the outside world is full of sickness and crooks,
so I built this world through movies and books.
Someday I'll return to the world outside,
and my magical world will have finally died.
Cuz even I can get lonely you see...
Cuz inside my head it's always just me.

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