My masculinity/Her Femininity

My masculinity has to be tough, strong and hard
Her femininity has to be sexy, soft and fragile
My masculinity gets me home at night safe
Her femininity makes her fear walking home alone when night falls
My masculinity means I can’t get called out for my attitude
Her femininity tells her to be submissive like a lady but independent like a woman

My femininity is frowned upon because boys cannot cry, have feelings or talk with his hands
Her Masculinity gets looks because what man wants a girl who’s more of a man then he is
My femininity makes me fear men who will call me a faggot and maybe even kill me
Her Masculinity keeps her from getting cat called
My femininity mean I have more feelings than strength
Her Masculinity means she has to be angry like that’s the only emotion she knows

How I act doesn’t define what kind of man I am
How she dresses doesn’t define if she is “woman enough”
Who we love doesn’t define how we have to present ourselves
Who we say we are is valid
We can go against society’s definition of masculinity and femininity

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