My Mask of a Thousand Masks

Under my mask of a thousand masks,
lies a face stained with tears and blood shot eyes

You see me, but not the real me.
You see me with a smile.

To you it is real,
but to me it is only one of my thousands of masks.

I cry myself to sleep only to face school the next day.
"I'm just tired" I say.

Sad and lonely I am. I would tell you how I feel in the inside,
but I know that you really wouldn't care to help me.

Help me, those two words scream out of my poor soul,
but you don't hear my cries. All you hear is me saying "I'm fine."

Under my mask of a thousand masks,
uncovers the real me, my real feelings and emotions.

Every day I fall apart little by little,
but you don't see it. You don't see me.

You don't see the tears pouring out off my eyes,
you don't see the mascara smudged on my face.

All you see is my mask of a thousand masks.
My mask that is so convincing, you almost don't suspect a thing.

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