My Melting Frozen Heart

So many have come and gone,
But the ice always remains,
Hot moments, Sweet embraces, Broken promises,
But the ice just won't Budge,
At a glance and a winning ticket, a chance to start anew,
But this glacier of ice is immoveable,
Time has stolen this frozen entrapment from me,
But for how long till the ice comes once again,
So much is at steak,
But I feel warmth from this over whelming heat that
maybe this ice will not return,
A prayer, a hope ,an open dream,
But in the back of my heart is a frozen reminder
that is the ice that remains,
Endless hope reminisces in my mind,
But the cold of the shattered shards of my warmed
heart are now slowly melting,
These feelings of want and need hit me like hot pokers
right into the depths of my heart,
But I fear the return will be worse, for this warmed heart
will turn into a winter wonderland of never feeling ever again,
Leave me not for I need you so,
But memories past still hit the back of my heart showing
the essence of what was left of my long ago frozen heart,

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