My Message to My Bereaved Friend

Welcome, brother!
Dearly beloved, welcome to the brotherhood
Whose dads have caravanned into ancestral arms
The everlasting homes of our forefathers
Where we shall make merry some day unknown
When we shall see one another in our selves yet to discover

Accept my sympathy for his passing
Remembering how he breastfed you in your days of trouble
Smiling at his stories shared
Shedding tears of fragrance
Are the memories that will indelibly be with you

Like us whose dads left untimely
We lost our strength every passing second
But be ye encouraged
For they shall find their hereafter among us
And forever we shall keep them closer
Till the Christ comes!

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This Poems Story

I live in Waltham, MA with my wife, Melinda and daughter Akosua. We are Ghanaians. We are expecting our second child in October. Melinda and I work in the human service field, and whilst I am a doctoral student at Northeastern University, she is a nursing student at Mass Bay Community College. As a literature-in-English student many years ago, the love to write and appreciate poems was buried in my blood. I do write poems as and when my inner spirit tells me to do so, especially when events in my life unfold. I wrote this particular poem as a condolence to my Kenyan friend, Daniel Nganga in Wakefield, MA, who lost his dad in Kenya this year. Dan and I share one thing in common: we could not physically witness how our dads who died untimely deaths were laid to rest.