My Mind Is in Faraway Places

My mind is in far away places
Places where the rain drops like the notes on a piano
and the trees sway like dancers when they hear their favorite song
and the wind is sweet like coconut
Where the clouds melt like ice
And sidewalks crisp gentle feet as they prance in longing for love
And the sound of cooking
is music to the ears of the people
who spend their days in less agony then they spend their nights
My mind is in far away places
Where it's never too late to catch up
And grab hold of what you lost
Where the smell of bitterness doesn't rest too long on the thick air
And the sweet taste of revenge does not linger
But the whiff of love and longing is a flavor that lasts
And the tangy sting of regret is not quick to wear off
But the citrus burn of what you crave is never too far off
Always as out of reach as lightning
My mind is in far away places
Like the unspoken thought of a lover
A glance across a crowded room
A curious yet cautious inquisition
A hot room with only two people in it
All you see is her but who's knows what's in the reflections of hers
You've never been close enough to see it
My minds in far away places

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