My Mind Is Killing Me Inside

I close my eyes and see that
Each corner of my sick mental mind
Holds a devastating truth-filled false reality
A demented ripple in time
A twisted view of life full of many future dying silent sighs
With no known remedies of reviving a vital sign
And with that
I gain closure from the bright light shining down
With the sounds of an angel's whisper
Promising this hopeless curse will graciously be lifted
I will be set free from the horrible feeling of
Forever never have a moment to survive
Or coincide with this hell-filled place where I store my life
And for this.
I start dying alive
As the swift blade I call a lie
Takes the breathless sight out of my lifeless eyes
Creating a blind deaf whispering scared rage going awry
Ceasing my heart's faint beat from discovering the eighth wonder
Of my confined life
I then gain the courage to finally open my eyes
To let lose the most insensible, deadly, illest cry
When shall I be free from my torturous mind

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