My Thoughts Or Yours?

Sometimes I’m so close I can taste it.
I can reach out my hand and feel it.
Other times I feel like I'm drowning,
At the bottom of a lake,
Surrounded by my doubts and sorrows.

I’m told there's a Prince Charming for me.
One to save me,
From my dragon like self.
But yet, each one has fallen off his horse,
And is slain at my feet.

“I shall win your love, My Lady.”
They all proclaim,
Right before they fall to their deaths.
Others cower before the task at hand.
Too scared to even begin.

I ask myself over and over.
What is wrong with me?
Am I not even worth saving?
They said that I could be saved.
That it should come to be.

But I’m alone

I then think back to my ancestors.
The women.
Warriors, witches, and enchanters.
The queens of their time.
The ones ripe with magic, power, and strength.

I think again.
Do they make up my mind?
Or do I make my mind up?
I pick up my sword.
My hand at the ready.

But I don’t slay the dragon.
I befriend it, and I smile.
My beautiful savage smile.
Now knowing that all along,
I was not one to be saved.

But the one who does the saving.

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This Poems Story

Society will dictate who you are, and what you are by what you look like, where you're born or what you identify as. Make sure when you listening to your thoughts, make sure their yours and not someone else's.