My mind “unleashed” part 1

I am human... are you human too?
The concept of humanity is a game with fools.
Free I was born, free I shall die,
Slave I learn to be, being a slave is my life.
Money is fake, corruption legit,
How can one "unleash" their minds from this grip?
You work for food, you breed for security,
Do we even know how the "elite" rule for eternity?
Movies and books, all alike,
Conform us to be "wrong and right"
The beings that surface through this pain and austerity...
Are usually the ones who bring us clarity.
We wake up to feel the pain,
That will forever change this game.
I ask one question, one that will parody,
How can one resolve this thing we call disparity?
To end all wars and to start humanity,
One must change from within and get rid of this vanity.
Free I was born, free I shall die,
Free I will live once I see the "light".

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This Poems Story

So when I wrote this poem, I wasnt "feeling" myself if you know what I mean. My mind was all over the place and I just started writing random things down on a piece of paper. After a while, I thought why not put it into perspective so other people can understand what Im experiencing now. In my humble opinion I feel we are experiencing a sort of "awakening" in humanity so to speak. Trump is POTUS, Venezuela in ruins, Barcelona wants to secede, Brexit is happening, endless war for endless peace, etc... Is this a coinkydink? No... Is it all bad? No, although killing eachother in the name of religion is a little to old dont you think? I think Humanity is finally "waking" up in their own way in their own time and I decided to write how Im waking up to the life I find myself in... a modern day slave. Although I dont get whipped, I do go into debt... to me it means the same thing just different timelines... and lets not forget about what is happening in Libya. All in all this is just the beginning. This poem will be in a total of 10 parts each describing a different prespective on how Im waking up in my own way. Some of it is depressing, sure... Nonetheless to me it is fact.