My mind “unleashed” part 2

“I see” said the blind man,
As he regained his sight.
What is this world I live in?
One for the many, few for the fight.

Genocide and Holocausts are what we strive,
Yet for the single human, they decide.

Power and influence is of seamless pride.
One that will fight, will most likely die.

One that was charished, will become obselete,
Even “Achilles” had to face defeat.

What is this world, one can ask,
The epitome of life is but a flask.

It drains to the core, with havoc and chaos,
Life itself is nothing but “triage”.

One that will try to change the game,
Will die only in vain and whose to blame?

Therefore I try to live… as a human should,
Understanding the way of this world.

We are intelligent enough to live,
yet we conform ourselves to die,
How can one be human, with this by it’s side?

Free i was born, free I shall die,
Free I will live… once I see the "light"

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This Poems Story

Part 2 was written back to back with part 1. So here I try to express my feelings to my fellow humans that are good in heart but conformed by their minds. It is a hard time to try and make sense of all this but dont worry my fellow humans, 8 more parts to go!