My mind “unleashed” part 4

Why are the "wealthy" in "command"?
Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

One that works on demand,
Doesn't have a clue on how life is profound!

Allan Watts said it best,
Only you, yourself is your contest.

Make people believe a truth...
And one will realize it’s bullshit through and through.

Play this game of "ping pong"
Soon you will understand it's the "Yin and Yang"

A human lives as one can,
Only the "elite" will understand.

That is why money rules everything,
And why people are not "believing".

Homelessness and poverty are spectacular,
It's as if one punctures the "jugular"!

When we wake up and understand,
The cruelty of life by it's hand,

Then humanity will fight for its "fan"
Because the "fan" is what humanity understands.

As a human I totally understand
But to me this is "Disneyland".

If one day I will grow a pair,
I will take this fight in a dare!

But instead I burrow myself in dispair,
Because I know "life is not fair".

Sometimes I look at it as a "problem",
Yet it doesn’t equate to a "solution"

When one realizes this isn’t a game of "solve em",
Then all that can happen is revolution.

Free I was born, free I shall die,
Free I will live once I see the “light”.

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This Poems Story

Just a continuation of my series of poems. In this one I try to understand why humanity doesn't stand up together as a whole... not by country or by culture but as one species... this was inspired by a "Meme" I read with a picture of a politician at a podium that was on a plank hanging off a mountain. And holding the plank down were "people" that kept "protesting" but never really got off the plank. And the "Meme" said... "We are many, they are a few". Very inspiring if you ask me.