My mind with you

As I sit besides this one person
One reminds me of things I been wanting to forget
Wanting to throw away, to burn
Burn from my memories, Feelings
As I walk, Walk away from this person
The one who reminds me of those things
I want to get rid of you
Never to see you
Forget you were there
Why did you come to me
Why did I ever see you
As I run, Run by this person
I cry and regret my sorrows and forgets
I wonder what life would be, If i never met you
What it would be, Worse for me
Better for you
Turn back the clocks, I never saw you in my life
You never saw me
As I sit beside this one person
Another reminds me of Memories i hold dear
Memories i would never trade, Never burn
Never try to forget them
As I walk, walk to this person
I say Hi, Say bye
I remember the days we have had, the fun and sad days
Regrets of some forgetful times, Never letting go
As I run with you at my side
We laugh
We run together
We remember all what has been done
But forget the days, we regret the most
As I sit beside you
This is what goes on
Inside my head…

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