My Minds Master

Walk steady may I not falter, There are things I've done I hate
but they are not things I'd alter, Hold me up I need a halter,
Quickly they assault her, But never am I breaking nor do I tremble,
I hit them with that knowledge my pen a golden symbol,
What do I resemble, these people I assemble,
These people I make aware, Honest and fair,
But dare you cross me tread ever so lightly,
Pitty the one so brave to smite me,
Ever clever these ties I sever,
Come against me maybe but take me never,
Ever changing rearranging,
People so falty I'm astranging,
Them from me the vibe is wrong, My aura true my essence strong,
Where do I belong, they aren't like me,
These fake pretenders that I see, Who are thee,
I dare to wonder, Praying for my destruction to see me blunder,
Thunder loud, I'm on a cloud, Too wise for games I'm standing proud,
Ignorance not aloud, I'm ever knowing,
Intelligence always what I'm showing,
Always bestowing, upon another,
Learn to forgive and love each other, Instead of hate,
Hurt and betrayal, For inside every ones mind those demons quell,
Sometimes prevail, but true composure hides them well,
I keep Mrs. hide safely hiden,
In her cage her ways forbidden,
But should you test me and you see,
The darkest worst and cruelest me,
Know that I work quick but cunning,
Intense stare my eyes so stunning,Never running,
I walk faster, Concience thoughts I'm my minds master

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